Holiday Hair, No Commitment!


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She WILL Go To Vegas!

Our President, Karin Murphy Caro chats with Nine Frogs Founder, Patti Bokowski, on Karin discovers that Patti WILL do anything to consult fashion or image with a client, including going to Vegas! Check out this episode

Karin & Patti on
Karin & Patti on

The Holiday Inn Westbury Sends Holiday Cheer to Senior Citizens in Need



The Holiday Inn in Westbury, NY met with representatives from Family & Children’s Association and offered aid to the organization’s “Silver Bells” program over the holiday season, when the need for supplies for local senior citizens becomes critical.

Nov. 20, 2014SMITHTOWN, N.Y.The Family & Children’s Association located through out Long Island has developed a very special program aimed toward helping over 9,000 senior citizens who are homebound, living in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or adult homes. This program’s mission is to bring holiday cheer to local senior citizens in need.

This program is called “Silver Bells”, and offers caring individuals a chance to give from the heart to those 60 years and over who are isolated and alone during the holiday season. Family & Children’s Association is accepting donations of practical, everyday items that greatly enhance the well being of seniors. All of the donations are placed in holiday gift bags by volunteers and delivered during the weeks leading up to New Years Eve.

The Holiday Inn in Westbury, NY owned by Mr. & Mrs. Halpern heard about this program and were eager to help. ( met with representatives from Family & Children’s Association and offered aid to the organization over the holiday season, when the need for supplies becomes critical.

The owners and staff of the Holiday Inn supplied the organization with large boxes of donated tissues, detergents, and a collection of toiletries. Mr. Barry Halpern and Mrs. Ellen Halpern, who are known for being extremely charitable have participated in, and hosted many charity events at the hotel. When asked why working with these local nonprofit organizations was so important, Mrs. Halpern explained;“Barry and I have always given to charitable organizations. We feel this concept is just incredible and we look forward to working closely with the Family & Children’s Association.”

Franklin Manchester, the General Manager of the hotel said; “The Holiday Inn Westbury truly loves giving back to the community. We believe this to be a great opportunity and a privilege to assist those in need that are right here on Long Island.”

Joyce Mullen, the Director of Marketing & Communications at Family and Children’s Association had the opportunity to be present at the donation pick up. The organization was very thankful for the kindness and generosity shown with the hotel’s donation to the Silver Bells program, and looks forward to working with them in their shared mission to help Long Islander’s in need.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Holiday Inn and look forward to a long and fulfilling friendship.”Said Joyce Mullen, who also informed us that if any individuals would like to donate to their Silver Bells program, they can do so by sending donations to the organization, or if they do not have time to shop, they can simply visit to make a donation and Family & Children’s Assoc. will do the shopping for them.

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Family & Children’s is a not-for-profit agency helping nearly 20,000 of our neighbors each year. For more than 130 years, we have worked to protect and strengthen vulnerable children, seniors, families and communities on Long Island.

La Belle Maison On Realty Connects Long Island

On Realty Connects Long Island this week, Michael Ardolino and Karin Caro are joined by two very special women, Moe Scarcello and Val Allocco of La Belle Maison, Fine Home Staging and Design. They chat about what you can do to show off your home when trying to sell. What’s the market for real estate on Long Island? Michael Arolino is Long Island’s premiere real estate guru. Take a listen to his points of view and of course, Karin’s charismatic charm!

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Sikorski Thinks About….

ON Sikorskis Think Abouts: Building Relationships. Susan A. Hayes, a Resourceful Management Consultant, joins host Laura Sikorski to discuss the importance of being a team player, being positive, respectful in the workplace. Do you want to build good relationships internally? Listen to this great advice:

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BRAS and Men On Front Row

Front Row discusses lingerie with Tina Demel associate Galit Petrushka
Topic of discussion: What’s The Perfect Bra? Hmmmmmm…. you wanna watch this!

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Long Island Fight For Charity

One of Long Island’s most anticipated events is The LI Fight For Charity! Karin and Matt turn on the charm to tell you all about it! Watch this cute piece:

Karin & Matt chat about LI's Fight For Charity!
Karin & Matt chat about LI’s Fight For Charity!

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Can’t Promise I Won’t Ever Break Your Heart

Originally posted on Retkon Poet:

Country songs in her eyes;

a flashlight
shined traversing
the sights of
abandoned carnivals.

On empty stages our
carnal chords once
played entire sets

Now warm air
acoustics make up
their own ghosts to
haunt the rural

And outside old
whitewashed fences with their
ticket booths and benches you
once mentioned never
knowing if
we were an always or

I knew right
then your
company was
my vice,

eyeing grand
prizes at the
shooting galleries I never had
the aim to
win you.

And I knew
just like
the fuse box that could have
brought circus tents to life for
perhaps their final time,

I’d be locked in
for a lifetime of
dust in parking

And so the
teenage sentries vanish
into shadow.

Ferris wheel
romantics taking chances
at the top fade into

and she’s
leaning against her car,
cigarette and crossed arms,

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Splashes Of Hope Long Island

Karin chats with Sandy Romano about Spashes Of Hope, an organization that helps sick people feel more content through their art. Listen to how you can get involved easily in this wonderful organization.

Splashes Of Hope gives people hope and a smile through their work of art.
Splashes Of Hope gives people hope and a smile through their work of art.

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