Top 10 Tips To Sell Your Home

Our last episode of Realty Connects LI was so much fun as usual. We discussed top 10 ways to sell your home…including getting a Realty Connect Agent. We had a quick guest appearance with DailyBlu Producer, The Beautiful Desiree. At BluChip, its so exciting to see our clients grow! Realty Connect now has 12 offices! We are so proud and we hope you enjoy the latest show:

Realty Connects Long Island every week LIVE on at 11:30 am
Realty Connects Long Island every week LIVE on at 11:30 am

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What’s The Poop Scoop In Real Estate?

Karin, Michael and John discuss the latest real estate news and laugh about some “poop” issues and Long Island current events.

Lots of laughs on Realty Connects LI
Lots of laughs on Realty Connects LI

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The Time Is Now To Go All In On ‘Moonshot’ Medicine

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Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Editor’s note:Unity Stoakes is the co-founder and president of StartUp Health.

Precision medicine is becoming one of the hot-button health innovation topics of 2015. President Obama even introduced a new precision medicine initiative in his January State of the Union address, and scores of new startups are launching to help personalize every aspect of our health.

An editorial (depressingly titled “‘Moonshot’ Medicine Will Let Us Down”) ran in the NYT shortly after Obama’s announcement argued that precision medicine is unlikely to make most Americans healthy; therefore, money should be invested elsewhere.

As an entrepreneur and investor focused on digital health innovation, I was struck by the notion that if something is likely to fall short of expectations, it isn’t worth trying.

Precision medicine may still be early (think 1994 Internet), but we are no longer operating in a linear world. Conditions are different today instigating exponential innovation that…

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BluChip Sponsors LIBN Healthcare Event

Join us for this important discussion on Obamacare. How does it affect Long Islanders and what things are we learning NOW? Come to this live discussion and eat, drink, learn and network! March 26th 8-10 am at The Crest Hollow Country Club for more info 631.761.9223 Thank you, LIBN for caring about the Long Island community!
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Life Balance On Every Level

We were thrilled that Dr. Michael Posner stopped by our studios today. His WHOLLISTIC Weight Loss & Anti-Aging Program is so impressive and we really wanted to share with everyone. We know you’ll learn something from this episode:
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Realty Connects The Debate

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What a great show on Realty Connects Long Island. Red dress, fun events, weather affecting the marketing and how Long Island was listed in TheBestOf List for TOP 15 most affluent places to live and it’s WORTH IT…all on this episode:
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Blu Chip At Malloy College


Tech Used To Trek Snowy Owls As Fundraising Efforts Take Flight

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Originally posted on CBS Philly:

By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For a second year, Snowy Owls have been spending the winter well out of their normal Arctic range, with some turning up at the Jersey and Delaware shores.

Although the number of the big white owls visiting this year isn’t as high as it was last winter, this year’s crop is offering researchers a treasure trove of information, and a fundraising effort to support the work is underway.

Last winter, Project Snowstorm took flight, outfitting visiting Snowy Owls with lightweight GPS transmitters that store information on their movements. Some of the birds are repeat visitors, packing data tracking their travels during the spring, summer, and fall, when they were out of the range of modern technology.

“They check in using cell towers every couple of days so basically, our research team gets texts from these owls as they travel around,” says Alexis Campbell, who…

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