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Zicana Dazzles in 2014!

Gemstones, sparkle, luxury, Oh My! 

Zicana is a Gem this New Year, check out their dazzling furniture and jewelry collections. Whether you plan on remodeling your home for 2014 or being the center of attention at your New Years Eve Parties. Zicana’s got you covered. Feel like the Queen you are with the help of Zicana. Check out their website for inspiration, and for a great date idea, you can always stop by their showroom and sip expresso as you take in all the beauty that surrounds you! 


To all of our Friends and Family, We wish you a Happy & Safe New Year’s Eve! ImageImage

3 SEO Tips for The New Year

Start your 2013 off on the right path with doing some simple things to help your SEO.

-Optimize Your Page Titles

Page titles are the most important onsite ranking factor. There is no excuse for not optimizing your page titles, because they are completely in your control and easy to fix. The way I optimize page titles is I pick the two most important keywords for the content of each core page (homepage, services pages, product pages, etc.) on a site and write the title like so: Keyword 1 | Keyword 2 | Brand/Business Name.

-Ensure Your Site Has a Canonical Redirect

I can’t stress enough how important this is, and it is probably one of the top issues we see. A canonical redirect is a redirect between the www version of your site and the non-www version. You need to pick one for your site and redirect the other. For instance, should redirect to or vice versa.

Check to see if you already have a canonical redirect by looking in the address bar of your browser while on your website. If the URL has www. in front delete it and press enter. If the URL doesn’t have www. in front of it, add it and press enter. Did the URL go back to how it was before you amended it? If not, you need to set up a canonical redirect. Otherwise, you have two versions of your homepage, which means you aren’t getting the full benefit of all your links and you have duplicate content.

-Make a Commitment to Creating Consistent (and useful) Content

If there’s any mantra in the SEO world that has been used almost obsessively, it is “Content is King.” Many SEOs tire of hearing this oft-repeated phrase (me included), but it has lots of truth. You need to consistently create great content on your website (blogs, help sections, product reviews, etc.) for many reasons: content attracts links, search engines like to see fresh content, search engines like content-rich websites, visitors like content-rich websites that give them what they’re looking for, and it builds trust with potential clients visiting your website.

Make a resolution to create one content item per day, (we keep up with, and one per week, or whatever you think you can stick to. If you’re stuck on what kind of content to create, ask yourself how you can help your customers — what advice could you give them, what questions could you answer, what could you do to make their life easier?

*If you will implement these 3 simple SEO tips in 2013, your search engine visibility will be on its way up. If we can help you get more leads and more clients online, contact us. We would be glad to help. 631.337.1603*


Nassau County for Veterans

help us. support vets. care.
join us for this complimentary event to support veterans. help with field of honor which raises money for programs on long island.
thank you.

Favorite 2013 Story - The Bat kid

One of our Favorite Social Media Moments of 2013 was The “BatKid”.

BatKid was one of the most iconic moments of 2013, as one little boy captivated the entire planet in his simple dream to become Batman for a day. As he raced around ‘Gotham City’ San Francisco, social media told the story through thousands of tweets, posts and positive messages.

The Story touched everyones heart, The word responded with inspirational tweets, posts, images, videos and most importantly love and support.

See more of the Blu Crew’s Favorite 2013 posts, stories, and events, that made 2013 a year to blog about, and be sure to share your favorites with us as well!



It has been a wonderful year for technology…a year of change, a year of disruptions, a year of disappointments and a year of surprises.  Twitter went public, Snapchat turned down $3 billion dollars that Facebook offered and we created our own Long Island Social Network.  It was a year that we decided to create our own avenues to help people, businesses and charities. On the world-wide we had everything from royal births and notable deaths and sports triumphs to celebrity spats, so we thought we would pick some of our favorite posts that spotlighted what was to come (or change) in 2013.  

Ronan Farrow “Listen, we’re all possibly Frank Sinatra’s son” posted after mother Mia Farrow implied Woody Allen may not be his real father. 

TheYearofElan: “I’m not going to lie I am shaking this is so terrifying she is so angry with me its kind of incredible”  Posted to Twitter after passenger Elan Gale live tweeted his argument with a furious woman on their delayed flight.  His tweets went viral and were reported by media all around the world.  

Adalia Rose is 6 years old and suffers from progeria, a condition that gives her an unusual appearance for a child.  Some very wonderful people at 4Chan found her on Facebook and turned her into a loved icon.  

Buzz Feed started the Grumpy Cat items for sale in March 2013 which became a worldwide phenomenon.  

Cory Booker is mayor of Newark, NJ and a social media superhero.  His twitter account has helped many people and directly responds to public requests all throughout the day (and night).He posted at !:45 am on March 9, 2013 to give a resident his best.  

Whole foods.  Organic food, nutrition and lots of responding and retweets.  They liked my check-in on Foursquare as well as asking me how my experience was via Twitter.  Best post: A hen can produce one egg in 24 to 26 hours!  

Shaquille O’Neal posted in March: “Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is your future. Today is your life.  Love it.” 

Pete Souza is the White House chief official photographer.  His best post was a reflection of the morning sunrise in the Oval Office.  Hi spics usually get posted before they’re available anywhere else.  

Samuel Jackson’s twitter is hilarious and engaging.  His best tweet: Feb 2013 “in da car headed to Oscar dealio!  Avengers assembling!”

Cartoonist Josh Hara posted this fantastic line: “Don’t forget to stop and Instagram the roses” PERFECT!

Our last (for now) best post of 2013 was The Royal Baby Tweets.  Starting with the Royals themselves on Facebook and Twitter and then an endless number of marketer tweets.  Pampers, Oreos, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola had some of the best.  So now we have to mention Charmin- A royal poop joke, well played…well played.  

We are so ready for 2014…more fun in the social world! 




What an amazing week it was…not just celebrating the holidays but doing some amazing things!  

This week, The BluChippers delivered more toys to families on Long Island, raised $150.00 for Angela’s House for Christmas, started two new employees, had Steve Levy & Mrs. Corporate America start shows on TheDailyBlu AND started two new sites!  Wait, there’s more, Mr. BluChip built a cappacino bar and Mrs. BluChip installed SMART TV’s and a SMART board.  

What’s new for The New Year?  Shows, Shows and MORE Shows!  Creativity, design work and many more events!  We feel proud of 2013 but 2014, we will have pure success!  A dream come true…and Blu is waiting for YOU!  


Check out: for more on our clients and their stories…yeah, we like to boast!

The Cotocon Group Shares some Green Architecture that will make your Jaw Drop!


 The Cotocon Group put up an amazing link on their Facebook showing off some of the coolest “Green Buildings”. Check out some of these amazing green architectural buildings, these will make your jaw drop! Thank you to The Cotocon Group for sharing this link and wowing us all! 


Let the LI Pennysaver Help You find the Best Movie Near You!

There are so many great movies playing this Winter. Check out our website to see some of our featured movies and find theaters near you. There is no better time then Winter time to cozy up with some popcorn and a great film!

Design.  Devise. Develop.

For Blu Chip Marketing, it’s all about the creation. The creation of a plan. Whether it’s advertising, social marketing or community relations, we love to come up with new and creative ideas to get visibility!