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“Ouch, that hurt,” was the first thing I was thinking when I stepped foot into Karin Caro’s car. I bumped my head on the roof of her Audi and I felt like a clumsy mess. What a great first impression! This was my first day of interning at BluChip Marketing and I was slightly excited, very unconfident, and most of all, EXTREMELY nervous.

This type of nervousness was so unfamiliar to me. It was the type of insecurity and  anxiety that you have on the first day of a job. Being only a sophomore in high school with basically no work experience, I was so not used to feeling this way. It was tough finding my place at the company and I was always unsure as to what I was supposed to do. I was lacking confidence, making me very quiet. I barely talked, which was a surprise to me because I am a total chatter-box, and I found it difficult to approach my co-workers because of the age difference. I never knew age and inexperience could make me feel so inferior.

With all of this in mind on my first day, I realized that I had to be exposed to all of these feelings for a reason. Interning is more than just learning how to do the job. It is about becoming familiar with how a professional environment works and being able to adapt to any situation you are thrown into. It makes you more aware of your strengths and your weaknesses, things you are good at and things you need to improve.

I noticed that even though I was unsure of everything, it helped me become more observant and aware of my surroundings, something I wasn’t always the best at in my daily life. Not really knowing the work environment well enough made me take the initiative to offer my help to others and I also learned that getting that comfort with my co-workers takes time. This type of uncertainty never shows up in school because a student knows his or her spot. Going to school for the majority of your life, you know exactly what is expected of you.

While there were some surprising things I knew I had to work on, I was also able to recognize skills that I didn’t know would end up being so useful. This was one of my favorite things about interning, especially at 15 years old. I know that as a studious teenager, I always worried about what life would be like after I finished. I was afraid that I would only be good as a student, that I wouldn’t be able to do anything in the “real world”. This was totally not true! I never knew that using the computer as a pastime and being technologically up to date would help me so much on the job. Interning teaches you that you do have skills and that they can be applied to help you reach your goals.

Another great thing about interning is that it satisfies my curiosity. Interning is like having an open relationship, except maybe not as scandalous. When you intern, you can get experience in any profession you are interested in, but still have the freedom to know that you aren’t tied down to a specific career path. Interning gives people, especially teens, the option to experiment and see what they can pursue in life. I’m always curious about how the world works and doing an internship can give you the “behind the scenes” look on how things happen in your life, from how that sidewalk was put into place to how your favorite boy band has such great press. It is all the result of people doing their job!

I think that BluChip was the perfect company to do my first internship at. The whole company is like a family and everyone is so friendly and helpful. The company culture there is definitely something that I know I would look for in my future job searches. I have come to believe that one of the most important things to have in a job is that you have to love the people you’re surrounded by just as much as you love your career.

BluChip provides that amazing work environment as well as the opportunity for teens to be involved. Ms. Caro is so thoughtful and without the company’s flexibility in driving me to the office as well as with my work hours, I would never have grown so much as a person. If only school didn’t prevent me from doing a full 6 week internship!

Here are some reasons why you should start interning today:

  • You will know how to correctly conduct yourself at future jobs and be more prepared
  • You will learn things about yourself that you never would have even expected
  • It will help you improve your professional confidence
  • It will expand your network and professional references
  • It enhances your resume
  • You can get hands-on experience doing a profession without having to be tied down
  • You will have A LOT of fun!

Realty Connect RULES Long Island

Today, at The Realty Connect USA 1st Quarter Meeting and Awards, President John Fitzgerald announced that Realty Connect USA is NOW the #2 broker in all of Long Island! Congrats to our RC Family! We are so proud to be a part of your winning team!

Mr. Long Island Searches For Truth & Beauty on Long Island. An interesting interview with The Long Island Volunteer Center.

A Picture Speaks One Thousand Words….

BluChip Marketing is alive with passion, diversity and talent…with many areas of expansion and the ability to be creative.
As the adage goes, a picture tells a thousand words, so our President, Karin Caro, shares a few words about the team:

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Ou President, Karin Caro and Donna Drake, got to interview Lynne O’Leary from TFCU. Check it out!

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Ellen Williams from Constant Contact visits TheDailyBlu studios and chatted with us about, life, love, work and kids. Great stuff! We love her!

The Daily Blu Monday Show Line Up!

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Differentiate Your Brand From the Rest!

Use LIVE Internet Broadcasting to Connect With Your Audience!

Your Audience has a million options for content. Effective marketing means that you have to rise above the noise and differentiate yourself from everything else so that your audience considers you. Nothing does this like LIVE Internet Broadcasting and we have built the platform. In house studio, professional camera crew, producers and all the marketing tools behind a broadcast for your brand. Interested in hosting your own show, advertising or being a guest on TheDailyBlu? Call 631.337.1603 or email for rates.

Whether or not your have a Valentine this year, you can still have fun! Like most people you are probably at work. There are fun things you can do at work with your staff to make Valentine’s Day Fun for everyone! Spread the love,  your employees will appreciate the effort. Here are some tips for fun office activities. 


1.)  Give away Free Chocolates to everyone….because who doesn’t love chocolate!

2.) Hold a Contest – Try a memory game, such as who can remember the most candy heart phrases (Be mine, My Love, etc…) or have a guessing game for how many chocolates are in a standard box of chocolates. A little employee competition is never a bad thing!

3.) Have a Staff Lunch In. – Order a nice lunch in and eat together as the big work family that you are!

4.) Decorate cookies together….then eat them…ALL!

5.) Give out funny Valentines around the office. Remember the ones you handed out in Elementary School? Why not bring that back!


Enjoy your work day, Valentines Day! The Blu Crew will be having fun today….will you?