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A Picture Speaks One Thousand Words….

BluChip Marketing is alive with passion, diversity and talent…with many areas of expansion and the ability to be creative.
As the adage goes, a picture tells a thousand words, so our President, Karin Caro, shares a few words about the team:

Social Marketing at Campolo, Middleton and McCormick

We had the privilage of speaking at Campolo, Middleton & McCormick today on social media and marketing practices. Here are some things that we covered and we’ve even thrown in some extra tips. Thank you to the firm for giving us this opportunity.

google vday 02


Google’s insight release ascertains one thing: Socially digital and mobile platforms are where consumers are getting information from and, ultimately, making firm decisions to purchase.

In a previous study, eight out of ten consumers reported to use their mobile devices to purchase gifts.

The realm of advertising has changed with the adaptation of digital technology. Consumers are also constantly on-the-go, making their mobile devices a more effective way of communication than traditional advertisement, though the latter must not be discarded.

For brands looking for bank from this romance occasion, here are some tips:

  • Digitized promotions. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest share ideas rapidly among consumers. For example, Real Simple, a life style magazine, created a Pinterest board sharing ideas to celebrate V-day. The content drove traffic to their websites, increasing their uniques and leaving a brand impression on readers.


  • Crowdsource. Artists, actors, producers and innovators are doing it; brands should too. Marketing is all about creating a conversation around the brand. Interactivity is key. David Yurman created a crowd sourced app for Valentine’s day, which drove in brand awareness as well as consumer engagement with the brand’s “drop a hint” option. The jeweler asked its customers to take action.


  • Timing is key. Like the Google insights revealed, an effective and targeted campaign for the occasion needs to run a minimum of three weeks prior. Shoppers are generally last-minute so fast delivery and efficient booking are key.

We are using sites like these daily to get our clients’ message out: Ustream, Twitter, Word Press, Tumblr, Pinterest.  

If you need help getting search engines to help your brand for Valentine’s Day, call us.  We’ll direct and advise you free of charge.  631.337.1603

What An Incredible Week!

We had a lot of great shows this past week…during snow storms and on National Wear Red Day! One highlight was a dear friend of Karin Caro, our President, appeared on #TheDailyBlu and gave secret relationship advice:
For other shows like Mr. Long Island, Connecting Communities, Realty Connects LI, Helloooo LI and Abott & Costello tune in to shows everyday. Let your voice be heard, email



It has been a wonderful year for technology…a year of change, a year of disruptions, a year of disappointments and a year of surprises.  Twitter went public, Snapchat turned down $3 billion dollars that Facebook offered and we created our own Long Island Social Network.  It was a year that we decided to create our own avenues to help people, businesses and charities. On the world-wide we had everything from royal births and notable deaths and sports triumphs to celebrity spats, so we thought we would pick some of our favorite posts that spotlighted what was to come (or change) in 2013.  

Ronan Farrow “Listen, we’re all possibly Frank Sinatra’s son” posted after mother Mia Farrow implied Woody Allen may not be his real father. 

TheYearofElan: “I’m not going to lie I am shaking this is so terrifying she is so angry with me its kind of incredible”  Posted to Twitter after passenger Elan Gale live tweeted his argument with a furious woman on their delayed flight.  His tweets went viral and were reported by media all around the world.  

Adalia Rose is 6 years old and suffers from progeria, a condition that gives her an unusual appearance for a child.  Some very wonderful people at 4Chan found her on Facebook and turned her into a loved icon.  

Buzz Feed started the Grumpy Cat items for sale in March 2013 which became a worldwide phenomenon.  

Cory Booker is mayor of Newark, NJ and a social media superhero.  His twitter account has helped many people and directly responds to public requests all throughout the day (and night).He posted at !:45 am on March 9, 2013 to give a resident his best.  

Whole foods.  Organic food, nutrition and lots of responding and retweets.  They liked my check-in on Foursquare as well as asking me how my experience was via Twitter.  Best post: A hen can produce one egg in 24 to 26 hours!  

Shaquille O’Neal posted in March: “Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is your future. Today is your life.  Love it.” 

Pete Souza is the White House chief official photographer.  His best post was a reflection of the morning sunrise in the Oval Office.  Hi spics usually get posted before they’re available anywhere else.  

Samuel Jackson’s twitter is hilarious and engaging.  His best tweet: Feb 2013 “in da car headed to Oscar dealio!  Avengers assembling!”

Cartoonist Josh Hara posted this fantastic line: “Don’t forget to stop and Instagram the roses” PERFECT!

Our last (for now) best post of 2013 was The Royal Baby Tweets.  Starting with the Royals themselves on Facebook and Twitter and then an endless number of marketer tweets.  Pampers, Oreos, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola had some of the best.  So now we have to mention Charmin- A royal poop joke, well played…well played.  

We are so ready for 2014…more fun in the social world! 




Design.  Devise. Develop.

For Blu Chip Marketing, it’s all about the creation. The creation of a plan. Whether it’s advertising, social marketing or community relations, we love to come up with new and creative ideas to get visibility!


Stop Doing and Start Doing Marketing Tips for 2014 

Many marketers do their best at trying to come up with new marketing ideas for the New Year.  We thought we would come up with a list of things to change…or absolutely NOT do for 2014.  A sort of- Learn From Your Mistakes List- we hope it helps!
  1. Snapchat is not showing analytics or results as a useful marketing tool.  So let’s stop trying to make it something.  Yes, it’s popular right now, but as marketers, it is wasting time…trying to figure out how to market to the 18-29 year olds using the app.  Yes, they are highly active but only a couple of brands have been successful.  Let’s take a look at the bigger picture.  Snapchat is an untested platform and it has no tools to determine a measurement and the demographic is limited.  So, let’s leave it alone until they can come up with a marketing plan.  Wasting time on something that’s hot for a minute…ultimately wastes money.  
  1. Where Oh Where Does My Audience Live?   Learn where they live and you should live there too.  It takes time and money to build a community so trying to build where no one is listening is a waste.  Building a new community should deb secondary to working on the relationships of your current audience.  Focus your efforts.  This means in terms of demographics, branding and culture. 
  1. Traditional Campaigns vs Social Channels.  Think about how much effort it takes to place an ad.  How much money, effort, time and you just hope that your television ad isn’t DVR’d past it or just flipping the page.  Well, this year, spend some more effort in your social campaign.  You can coordinate that with traditional ads but put a little more effort into it.  Or be a rockstar and put more effort online and less in traditional forms.  Again, know your audience.  Great copy, visuals, exclusive videos and content can create a dynamic social presence.  
  1. Move Quicker.  Top Notch Marketers are fast paced and they’re not taking things nonchalantly.  There’s no reason why you can’t fit a tweet in before a meeting or check in on Foursquare to mention your client.  Multi-tasking is part of the creative process. Think about it.  
While many marketing companies are thinking about resolutions of what could happen, we hope you take steps to make it happen!  Learn from the past and move on!  Go for it…make 2014 great!